Isaac Herzog Elected Israel’s 11th President

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Jun. 02, 2021

Former Labor Party Isaac Herzog has been elected the 11th President of Israel scooping 87 votes out of the 120 votes cast.
During the secret voting, only 120 were allowed to vote, three were disqualified and one legislator was absent.
Isaac who is the son of the sixth President of Israel Chaim Herzog and the grandson of the country’s first Chief Rabbi will come into power in July when Reuven Rivlin steps down on 9th July.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the first person to congratulate congratulate Isaac Herzog wishing him well. “I wish him luck in the name of all Israeli citizens.” Said Netanyahu.
The Prime Minister continued by congratulating Miriam Peretz saying that he hopes she will continue to build the country as she has done before.  thank Miriam Peretz for her honorable candidacy and am certain she will continue to contribute to Israeli society, as she has done her entire life.” Said Netanyahu.
In his first speech after election, Isaac promised to build bridges ad promote entrepreneurship and safeguard the country’s name that is being tarnished by other countries.
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