Russian Court Outlaws Alexei Navalny’s Political Movement

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Jun. 10, 2021

A court in Russia has outlawed a political movement associated with Alexei Navalny, a key opposition figure terming it an ‘ extremist ‘ organization attracting anger from Western countries.
The Wednesday verdict did not only outlaw the movement but also his non-profit Anticorruption movement and citizen’s Rights protection movement at large as quoted by various media stations.
At the end of the verdict, the Russian court banned the movement and organizations with immediate effect.
The news was also confirmed by Alexei Navalny’s team of lawyers after a 12-hour long closed-door hearing saying that their client risks a 6-year jail sentence if he does not comply with the orders.
In addition to that, the networks and organizations are not allowed to enter into contracts and make any transactions moving forward.
Speaking on the news, Alexei Navalny termed the process ridicule accusing the court of denying them proper documentation and instead terming them ‘State secret’.
“I will not even discuss the legal side of the ridicule, which is called “the court” in Russia. Suffice it to say that all the materials of the case have been declared a STATE SECRET.
The process was closed. And I myself not only did not participate in it, although we demanded it, I also was not even invited. Well, why invite Navalny? After all, it is only FBK that is being considered, the founder of which is A. Navalny. And it also says “Navalny’s headquarters”. So what does he have to do with this and why should he appear in this court?” Said Navalny on Twitter.
The 45-year-old opposition leader was poisoned last summer using a Soviet-era agent before embarking on a series of treatments leading to his hospitalization in Germany. Several countries including the US who demanded answers from Russia.
Tight export sanctions were then imposed against Russia in response to the arrest and poisoning of Navalny.
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