Wajir MCAs Impeach Governor Mohamed Mohamud

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April. 27, 2021

Wajir Member of County Assembly (MCA) have on Tuesday impeached Governor Mohamed Mohamud over misappropriation of finance and abuse of power.
A total of 37 MCAs voted in support of the impeachment as only 10 opposed the move.
The next step will be for the County Assembly to notify Speake Ken Lusake who will then convene a committee or a full house hearing at the Senate.
On his part, the Governor attributed his shortcoming to political rivalry as the plans by the MCAs were not complaining in matters service delivery.
“Our Hon. Members of the County Assembly has not exhausted all the existing avenues to resolve disputes with the County Executive but have instead played into the hands of individuals with political intent to destabilize the operations of WCG.
I canvassed with majority of the membership of the County Assembly less than a week to the material day of filing the notice of impeachment that is on Tuesday 20th April 2021. I had a very hearty IFTAR with a number of the legislators.
During all these interactions, I have not received major grievances from either the leadership or the membership of the Assembly other than their quest for payment of the car grants.
I took the request on payment of the car grants made by both the Hon. Speaker and the Clerk to the Assembly very seriously, factored the total amount of KES 102Million in the first supplementary request for this financial year, submitted to the Assembly but they have returned.
It is in my considered opinion that the current battle staged by the Hon. Members is not on service delivery but is politically instigated.” Said Governor Mohamed Mohamud
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