Uber Technologies Unveils Electric Motorcycles & Scooters in Kenya


May. 04, 2021

Uber Technologies has announced the launch of electric BodaBodas and bicycles for earners on UberBoda, Uber Connect, and Uber Eats in Kenya. The launch is a first in Africa.
The launch of Uber Technologies’ electric BodaBodas will offer an affordable and reliable manner of transportation within the city, with riders able to select a zero-emissions ride to help drive a green recovery. Additionally, using electric vehicles will cost the same as a regular journey.
The launch of Uber Technologies’ electric boda presents a 45% reduction in overall costs for Uber Boda and Uber Connect drivers, for whom fuel is the highest operating cost.
Uber Eats has grown exponentially across Kenya, with the app being available in Mombasa, Nakuru and Nairobi, which means more delivery people on the road. Providing electric BodaBodas to delivery people means that transportation emissions can be cut drastically. Nadeem Anjarwalla, General Manager of Uber Eats in Kenya.
In March this year, ride-hailing company, Bolt, also unveiled a new ride category on its platform that features hybrid and electric cars. Dubbed Bolt Green , the new service aims to propel the company towards reducing its carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.
On the other hand, Kenya Power also announced plans to install charging points for electric cars along major highways, parking lots and malls, countrywide. The move seeks to bring new revenue streams and boost demand for vehicles that don’t use petrol and diesel.
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