Nyota Ndogo Prepares Herself For Major Heartbreak As Reconciliation Efforts Hit A Snag

Martin Oduor

Jun. 01, 2021

Nyota Ndogo has been fighting to save her marriage ever since she publicly revealed that she fell out with her Danish husband Henning Nielsen.
Nyota’s husband deserted their matrimonial home after a bitter quarrel with his wife and didn’t return prompting the singer to beg him to go back to her.
The songstress took to social media to beg her Danish husband to go back to their matrimonial home. She admitted that her arrogance is what pushed Nielsen away.
Nyota Ndogo Travels To Denmark In A Bid To Save Her Troubled Marriage
Nyota’s efforts to woo her estranged husband are yet to bear any fruit, she has started to doubt whether she will manage to reconcile with her Danish spouse.
In a recent post on social media, the Coast-based singer revealed that she had begun to prepare herself for a major heartbreak as reconciliation efforts appear to have hit a snag.
“I think nimeanza kuzoea maumivu. Yani namaanisha nikama nimeanza kukubali vile. But siko sure but naona kama na endelea vizuri (I think I’m starting to get used to the heartbreak. What I mean is that I have begun accepting the harsh reality, but I am not exactly sure things are going right for me,” wrote Nyota Ndogo.
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