Kisumu: Man Attempting To Reach President Uhuru Arrested

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Jun. 01, 2021

A young man has on Tuesday been arrested as he attempted to gain President Uhuru Kenyatta’s audience in Kiusmu.
Speeding off to the podium, the barefoot man called out the President to help him before he was quickly carried away by a waiting security detail at the scene.
The President was forced to halt his speech as people screamed from the podium before he continued.
This is the Third time in less than a month that the security detail of the President has been called to action.
Last week a man from Nairobi walked infront of his car forcing the convey to stop before he was quickly whisked away for questioning by his security.
In what looked likea movie, the man waited for his first escort to pass before going straight to his car and raising his arms. The President opened his window and greeted the waiting crowd.
The President who was in Lamu two weeks ago was also interrupted by unknown man who wanted audience with the Head of State. He was quickly escorted from the scene and questioned his motive.
Armed with his Identity Card (ID) the man noted that he wanted the President to deal with the issue of land in the region.
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