Transmara Accident Kills Six Cane-Cutters From Mumias Sugar

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Jun. 08, 2021

Six people are feared dead and 30 others reported to have sustained injuries when a tractor collided with a truck in Transmara.
The six are cane-cutters from Mumias Sugar when the grisly accident occurred on Tuesday morning as they were heading to work.
Out of the six, five are reported to have died on the spot and one other person died as he was receiving treatment after sustaining serious injuries.
Speaking to Citizen TV, Trans Mara Deputy County Commissioner Mohamed Noor Hassan who confirmed that the track lost control before hitting the tractor head-on at Moita area which is slope.
Mohamed Noor continued by confirming that the injured were taken to Transmara Sub-county hospital for treatment.
Accidents involving tractors ferrying sugarcane have recently declined due to the dusk to dawn curfew imposed by the government.
Many of the tractors worked late through the night and were bad condition unfit to go through the roads. In some areas like Migori, numerous accidents have been reported in the past as vehicle attempted to overtake them.
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