Jalang’o Reflects On Scandal That Exposed How He Was Cheating On His Wife

Martin Oduor

Jun. 09, 2021

Radio personality-cum-comedian Felix Odiwour, commonly known as Jalang’o , was exposed for cheating with multiple women in January 2020.
In the group, the members discussed sexual escapades, oftentimes even sharing full photos of the women they slept with.
According to the information that Edgar shared on social media, Jalang’o and his boys were sleeping with women from all walks of life, mostly with women from Nairobi despite most of the members of the aforementioned group being married, including Jalang’o himself.
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Fast forward to 2021, Jalang’o reflected on the cheating scandal while speaking during his show on Kiss FM.  He talked about how brands and clients dropped him after he was exposed by Obare.
“I got a call from a client who I was supposed to work for during the Covid-19 period and he told me he is pulling out. I also had another call from a client I’d worked with for some time and he also said he had no choice other than pulling out,” Jalang’o said on his radio show.
The comedian told his co-host Kamene Goro that some of the clients who dropped him following the cheating scandal are now seeking his services again.
“Another client also called and explained that even though things were messed up, he was not pulling out. Some of those who pulled out are begging to come back but I have told them God is not from your village.”
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