Court Detains Serial Killer Masten Millimo Wanjala For 30 Days

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July. 15, 2021

Makadar Law Courts has on on Thursday approved the police to detain serial killer Masten Millimo Wanjala for 30 days pending investigation.
The orders were issued after the prosecution pleaded with the court to grant them enough time to locate the rest of the bodies hidden by the suspect.
This is after the 20-year-old confessed to the murder of 13 children all aged between the age of 12 and 13 years and even going as far as sucking their blood from their veins.
“The predator was barely 16, when he executed his first victim five years ago. Purity Maweu, a 12-year-old girl was the first to fall prey to the killer. The young girl was kidnapped from Kiima Kimwe in Machakos and her blood sucked by the killer, before being left for dead.” Said Wanjala.
Speaking after the arrest, Wanjala confessed that he did not commit the crimes alone but with his accomplice by the name Isaac who was missing when the detectives went to the house where he stays.
He continued by blaming evil spirits for the crime as he blamed witchcraft by the family of his victim back at his village in Bungoma.
According to his father, his son dropped out of standard six even after fighting to build a good future for him. He confirmed that he had broken up with his mother when she was pregnant.
Villagers were shocked by the news describing Wanjala as a composed boy who had none of the characters insisting that he must have picked them in Nairobi after relocating.
Parents f the victims now demand justice and answers as to why he demanded ransom when he knew very well he had killed them.
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