Caroline Kangogo Did Not Commit Suicide, Says Cliff Ombeta

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July. 16, 2021

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta has come out denying that fugitive cop Caroline Kangogo did not commit suicide given the way her body was at the scene of the crime.
According to the prominent lawyer, the police officer was killed somewhere else and her body was placed at the scene given the recoil of the gun, blood spatter and drag at the front.
“This lady did not commit suicide. Gun placed in hand unlike where it would be because of the recoil. Blood splatter and drag would not be at the front. Shows she was brought there and left to bleed. Placing of the cover on the head? Yellow Jersey still?” Said Ombeta.
Ombeta’s statement is similar to that of many Kenyans who have questioned the posture, her shoe dirt, and the scene claiming that something is being hidden from the public.
“The media has been conscripted by DCI to run with the cover-up story “Caroline Kangogo commits suicide.” Who was the witness? When was the autopsy done? I remember telling special crimes boss on Tuesday, “I am sure you guys will eventually tell us that you found her dead.” Said LSK President Nelson Havi.
The body of Caroline has been taken to Iten mortuary ending a week of intensive search of her whereabouts following the death of fellow cop John Ogweno and businessman Peter Njiru Ndwiga.
Both her victims are claimed to be former lovers and that she was targeting one other man in Kisii and a former female friend of hers in Kisumu.
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